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  • Pet Scams

    Caveat emptor /ˌkævɛɑːt ˈɛmptɔːr/ "Let the buyer beware"

    There are people running scams on just about anything;

    • Stuck in space for months with millions in the bank
    • A parcel stuck in customs which is a gift for you
    • A 'friend' on holiday and had everything stolen so needs money sending now

    There are also pet scams, pets looking for adoption, puppies for sale and many more stories. People fall for them all the time, so let this be a warning. Look for the signs;

    • You cannot see the pet
    • No picture is available, or only one or two pictures
    • They want to use their own import agent
    • You have to part with your hard earned cash, to a country that is not where the pet is coming from (usually an African country)
    • They won't give you phone numbers so you cannot call them

    We were recently contacted by a person who had fallen for such a scam, and once it was too late they realised it was a scam, having parted with some hard earned RM, they were then getting asked for more money for more paperwork, at which point they realised they had been duped.

    Now they were getting threatening emails. This can be quite scary when you are getting emails, and they already have your details.

    you need to remember that the scammers cannot do anything, they are the ones in the wrong, so threats are pointless, they just want to scare more money out of you, and will continue to do so. They probably don't even live in the same country. they cannot sue you for anything, pet abandonment in this particular case - but think about it - how can you abandon a pet you don't even own, have never set eyes on and isn't in the same country... That would be a difficult one for them to prove - even if it was possible.


    What can you do about it? Report them... warn your friends... but before it gets that far, if you have not seen the pet, or they will not let you travel to collect it and pay cash on arrival (ask them, even if you have no actual plans to do this, if they make excuses then you know there is no pet) question yourself, think of what you can ask;

    • Ask them who the import / export agent is
    • Make google your best friend
    • Ask to see the pet's papers
    • Even if you have got as far as Bank details, check them out - does it seem odd? It probably is!

    Once you have been scammed you can wave goodbye to your cash - the chances of getting it back are practically zero, you can and should make a police report. You can tell everyone you know (I know, I know, we don't want to admit to anyone we were duped, but if we don't admit it how can we make more people aware of what is happening?


    Sometimes we get so excited at the thought of a new pet that we get carried away and forget all the sensible things we should be doing. Taking on any pet is a lifetime program, so a little bit of preparation is essential.


    Known pet scams

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