• Our Fees

    As each Country is different and the amount of work involves differs we cannot give hard and fast prices here, however to give you an indication here are our starting prices

    Permit Only (import & export)

    We send you a form to fill in and apply for the import / export permit on your behalf.





    Pricing for permits start at RM100

    Do it yourself

    This is where you do all the legwork, all the chasing and prepare all the paperwork. We guide you and check your documents, advise and assist where we can. Make flight bookings and arrange customs clearance


    This service starts at RM500

    Basic Service

    We work with you, meet where possible, advise on dates and processes, arrange Health Checks and make flight bookings and arrange customs clearance along with full guidance, we can also take your pet for all the treatments etc required.


    This service starts at RM800

    Bespoke Service

    This covers whatever you want it to cover - door to door, escort your pet, anything!






    This service starts at RM800

    Blood Testing

    Just need help with blood tests? Not a problem! Nipah, Rnatt, we can help with them all.





    This service starts at RM100


    Need help with your pets to the airport is something that we can do, or we can take your pets to DVS. Although we do not offer a pet taxi service we can collect and move your pets for you. If you are Langkawi or Penang based we can collect them and bring them to KLIA for onward travel, or fly them direct from Langkawi or Penang.


    This service starts at RM100