• Travel Preparation

    Things to make travel more comfortable for your pet

    Please do;

    • Ensure your carrier is airline compliant.
    • Is the carrier the correct size? Your pet should be able to fully stand up and turn around in the carrier without its head reaching the roof. (Airlines will reject your pet traveling if it is in a carrier that is considered too small!)
    • Get your pet accustomed to its carrier, the sooner you start getting your pet used to it the better as your pet will then feel safe and secure in the carrier.
    • Test the absorbency on whatever absorbent material you plan to travel your pet with to ensure that it actually works.  We usually put a layer of newspaper with a 'pee pad'on top and then their blanket or a towel. 
    • Make sure you have (or someone has) the materials to secure the carrier (cable ties to secure the door shut), after all you don't want your pet running around an airport.
    • Make sure there are food and water containers in the carrier, if your pet has a long journey with breaks it can be fed.
    • DO NOT open your pet carrier in a public place, your pet can be easily frightened and run off in an unfamiliar environment.


    Your pet must travel with its original paperwork, original vaccination records and microchip record along with the import / export certificate and health certificate

  • Pet Carriers

    Looking for pet carriers for transporting your pets? We can help!

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    Smaller Carriers

    Airline approved carriers

    With optimum ventilation, a stable sure-grip handle, safety lock on the door, a waste collection gutter inside the carrier, a top petting door and a food and water dish which can be neatly stored inside the lid.

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    For cats and small dogs

    Voyageur Catit and Dogit

    These carriers are the ideal solution for your pet's transportation needs. Durable, sturdy and safe the Voyageur is ideal for transporting your pet by car, bus, train or even by air.

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    Dogit Cargo Carriers

    Superior Features - It has a durable thick wall, pet-friendly construction with a smooth contoured front entrance ensuring no sharp edges. It meets and exceeds airline regulations.

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    For bigger pets

    3-in-1 use as carrier, bed, or for crate training with complete ventilation and reinforced vent openings. A two sided opening door and a secure locking mechanism. Waste collection gutter, 4-corner attachment points and portable accessory compartment.

    How to measure your pet for a carrier

    A video showing how simple it can be to measure your pet for the correct size carrier, ask us if you are looking for a pet carrier.